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Our Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship was formed in 1993 by a group of UUs who met in each other's homes. By May 1994, the small group had grown, and the first Board and President were chosen. We have grown significantly since then, and presently meet at The Hub, on Posse Ground Road off 89A, across the street from Posse Ground Park.
If you enjoy the company of intelligent and well-informed individuals, you may find an amicable religious home here with us. Our Fellowship is a community of seekers. We come together for support in following the UU path of love, freedom and service. These are central to our beliefs and our way of living. We provide a safe and caring environment for all to come and learn about themselves and the world around us. Services are held three times a month and we also invite speakers from the community and other parts of the country that lend diversity to our experiences together. Our services provide for lively discussion and free exchange of ideas, encouraging diverse views. There are as many points of view on a topic as you would expect to find with people dedicated to the search for truth. Here you do not need to check your brains at the door, just the opposite; we love to entertain and discuss differing viewpoints.

On those Sundays during the September-May church season when we do not have services, we meet at local restaurants. This gives us an opportunity to relate to one another in an informal setting and break bread together. There are other monthly activities outside of formal services which also provide an opportunity for us to enjoy each other's company. Opportunities for knowing come in many shapes and sizes. We have social groups that gather to provide a relaxed setting where we may meet and greet one another. These groups allow for building deeper and long-lasting relationships. All of our programs encourage us to delve into our own spiritual path with commitment, reflection and honesty. We hope you may want to join us for any of our activities.

We also encourage religious education as a lifelong learning. We hold that religious education is a vital and important part of any life journey. Our classes offer people the chance to ask theological questions and to seek answers for themselves. Providing opportunities for each of us to gain the experience of awe and wonder that empowers us to live an ethical and principled life is the aim of our religious education program.
We are an independent and self-governing fellowship and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. If you want to support liberal religion which affirms reason, tolerance, honesty and compassion, you are most welcome to join us in our services and activities.

You will find the encouragement to pursue your own religious journey among supportive people. You may join and become a full voting participant in the Fellowship's decisions and would be eligible to serve on the board and in other capacities. We adhere to our current By-Laws. You can talk to a member of the Board to sign the Membership Book to join, or you may simply want to be a Friend to the Fellowship.

Consistent with this type of organization, each member and friend of the fellowship is encouraged to contribute both their energy and financial support to its varied programs. This commitment is the lifeblood of our fellowship without which it could not function. We are a completely volunteer organization and welcome your participation.
All are invited to join us for any of our services or fellowship activities.

The Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is the only UU organization in the Verde Valley. Traversed by the eponymous Verde River and surrounded by the Mogollon Rim, the Mingus Mountains and the Woodchute Mountains, the Valley contains the communities of Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Jerome, Rimrock, Cornville, Page Springs and McGuireville, plus some smaller unincorporated settlements. According to The Verde Independent (6/24/2010) the population of this region in 2011 was approximately 77,000. Full membership in our congregation currently fluctuates around 50, with friends accounting for another 20% of that number. Congregations in Flagstaff ( and Prescott ( are our nearest UU neighbors. During the coming years we hope to increase the strength and raise the visibility of our beacon by providing a significant UU presence in the Verde Valley, offering a focus for a vibrant and supportive community of people who subscribe to the principles of Unitarian Universalism.