Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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Donating to SUUF is easier than ever. Just
buy from Amazon through this link at the same low prices you know and love. A portion of the profit from the purchase helps us continue our work.

Special Events

At various times during the year we hold festivals, auctions, raffles and other special events as a way of keeping our congregation going.

The Weekly Collection

The collection plate passed during each Sunday service is a small but significant part of our annual budget. When an urgent charitable need arises in our area, we may "donate the plate" as a fast response to an immediate need.


The most important part of the SUUF budget is the pledges we receive from members. We hold a pledge drive in the spring of each year, with each member deciding in the spring how much he or she will be able to donate over the next Fellowship season. Once you have made your annual pledge, it is up to you to decide what payment schedule best fits your budget.

In the past, most pledge payments have been made by check, either
mailed in to our office address or placed in the weekly plate collection. We will of course continue accepting pledge payments this way, but this season you will soon have the new option of donating by PayPal. You will be able to make your payment either through a PayPal cash account or by credit card.

To make a payment on your current pledge, click below: